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A piece for a constellation-themed book to be released at a later date.  Will post more information as it becomes available.  

Most portrayals of Andromeda in classical art have her struggling against her chains, fearful of the sea monster Cetus and desperately awaiting the arrival of the Hero, Perseus.  But to me, Andromeda was a willing sacrifice, a hero in her own right.  What interested me was Andromeda’s relationship with Cetus and what Cetus represented in the myth besides a mindless devourer of women.  Upon discovering Cetus’ other name, The Whale, it hit me that perhaps Cetus could represent the unknown— the denizens of the deep, the realm beyond human convention.  Thus, I chained Andromeda with the expectations of a maiden, with veils and hair and crowned her with a spiral galaxy and let Cetus be The Whale, the promise of an escape if they can break free from the narrow confines of the Hero’s myth.